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Our goal is to streamline researchers' efforts and advance the path towards discovery.

At One World Lab (OWL), we expedite the Process from Validation to Discovery by providing access to evaluation test size aliquots from multiple original antibody manufacturers together in a single place. Learn More

By providing evaluation test size amounts of antibodies (ample amounts for testing in several experiments) from multiple manufacturers, in a blinded manner, OWL simplifies the antibody validation process.

The low-cost, evaluation test size sample antibodies are offered for side-by-side comparison which allow researchers the right to review the performance of each antibody on the OWL website.

Performance information logged in the review section can be kept for personal records and used to help manufacturers direct their efforts towards improved products.

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OWL members maintain records of product performance, as well as protocols used in experiments from completed reviews and can refer back to their historical data at any time.

There is also an additional financial incentive offered to members of the OWL community who participate in the review process.


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