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The One World Lab Advantage

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Orchestrate. Expedite. Collaborate.

OWL offers primary antibodies from several original manufacturers to facilitate the side-by-side comparison of each product on the review page. Customers who complete reviews earn a discount towards future purchases. The reviews are meant to direct the efforts by researchers and the manufacturing of new antibodies by antibody manufacturers.

Orchestrate: Our goal is to simplify the antibody validation process for you by providing access to smaller aliquot sizes for testing and bringing multiple vendors together in a single place. One World Lab addresses the bottleneck in antibody validation by bringing vendors together in a single place and offering low-cost, validation size aliquots for comparison.

Expedite: Once you have selected the antibodies and vendors for comparison, your selection will ship in a single package ensuring that all of the samples necessary for comparison testing arrive simultaneously, significantly reducing current delays in obtaining valuable data and letting you get on to what is important…discovery.

Collaborate: Through our secure, on-line portal at, researchers can share data, annotate information and maintain records of product performance, either with the entire research community or with selected collaborators in private workrooms. Once the information has been stored and shared, researchers can refer back to their historical information to remember past experiences with particular antibodies, learn more about the experiences of others and take advantage of financial incentives from OWL for being a part of the community.