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One World Lab is closing its doors

Dear customer:

I am sorry to inform you that One World Lab is going out of business.  There are too many reasons to list for this to happen.  Mainly, it is that the struggle to build the business no longer makes sense with my growing family and responsibilities at home.

I thank everyone for their support over the several years we have been fighting to create transparency in the marketplace, sample sizes for all antibodies, and reviews to inform the research community.

Just because the business did not work does not mean the business model is wrong.  There are some things that needed to be adjusted in the business model, but transparency and affordability are vital to advancing science.

For those who want to purchase antibodies please follow the instructions on this video and find the catalog numbers you want to order.  Visit HTS resources:


HTS_FIRE from One World Lab on Vimeo.

My apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused.