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ProMab Biotechnologies acquires One World Lab

One World Lab, Inc., (OWL) had been operating for over 5 years developing a marketplace based on the belief that there needs to be transparency in life science research. To do this, OWL only represented manufacturers and listed their products on its website.  ProMab Biotechnologies (PMB) [] was one of 45 manufacturers represented on the OWL platform.  PMB made an offer for an undisclosed amount to acquire OWL after the company fell on hard times and was unable to continue its operations.

"While this may be bittersweet to not succeed with the original OWL vision," said Michael Simson, CEO of One World Lab, "The spirit of what OWL represents will continue on through ProMab [Biotechnologies]. In fact, [PMB] was one of the manufacturers that consistently received re-orders from our customers because of the high quality in their products. It will be a special honor to focus on a manufacturer that deserves a great deal more recognition for the value it adds to the life science industry."
"I have always valued and believed in the mission behind One World Lab," stated John Wu, CEO of ProMab Biotechnologies, "We [at PMB] are pleased to have had the opportunity to work with the team at OWL and now will be able to think of a long-term strategy that will incorporate certain aspects of the [OWL] platform into our business model."
There are no current plans to keep One World Lab operational.  Instead the focus is on how expand the offering of ProMab Biotechnologies to be a leader as a manufacturer of immunotherapy related products and services.