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Anteo Diagnostics Mix&Go™ Formulations

OWL offers Mix&Go in test size and full size options. There are three different formulations for use with magnetic microspheres for application in immunoassays and in immunoprecipitation, on polystyrene surfaces for application on microtitre plates, and on silica surfaces for application on microscope slides.

Mix&Go is not one product but a family of proprietary metal polymers of different sizes and shapes. Each metal ion can form coordinate bonds with electron donating groups present on the vast majority of synthetic surfaces. This way Mix&Go can form a very strong attachment to the synthetic surface and use the remaining unoccupied coordination sites for binding of biological molecules.

Mix&Go - Molecular Velcro

Mix&Go takes a novel approach to attaching fragile proteins to a synthetic surface. It relies on metal ions chelating to electron donating groups both on the protein and on the chosen synthetic surface. Since, individually, none of these chelation points is strong enough to securely anchor the protein to the surface a polymer of metal ions is used. This is an example of avidity or multi-component interactions.

Multiple metal ions in polymeric form can form very strong interactions with a variety of different surfaces, e.g. glass/silica, metal oxides, or polystyrene.

Mix&Go binding to a surface

About Anteo

Anteo Diagnostics Limited

Anteo Diagnostics (ASX:ADO) is a surface coating company with a proprietary family of enabling chemistries, called Mix&Go. Mix&Go enables the fast and easy production of superior surfaces for the biotechnology, diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries.

Anteo's Mix&Go family of protein binding chemistries is gaining traction with a wide spectrum of clients in the in vitro diagnostics industry including bead manufacturers, test developers, test manufacturers, and life science companies.

The company evolved from Bio-Layer Corporation Ltd (ASX:BLS), an Australian material science company, which was established in 1999 as privately held Polymerat and listed on the ASX through a reverse acquisition by SSH Medical (ASX:SSH) in October of 2005. The company initially worked on surface chemistry for proteomics tools and then focused its efforts on immunoassays and related applications used in diagnostics. In 2008, the Company was renamed Anteo Diagnostics, derived from the Latin word for "anticipate, prevent, precede", reflecting the company’s approach to diagnostics opportunities. Mix&Go has been extensively validated over many years. So far Anteo has entered into commercial licences with Life Technologies, Bangs Laboratories, Merck KGaA, eBioscience (now Affymetrix) and Gennova Scientific.

Anteo is headquartered in a state-of-the art laboratory space in the Brisbane Technology Park, Brisbane, Australia. Anteo currently employs approximately 20 people.

Anteo has developed Mix&Go, a proprietary “molecular glue” which makes the attachment of biomolecules to synthetic surfaces faster, easier and less costly.